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Thanks Craig, This newsletter is so rich in content that my mind is spinning

with interesting examples, from the cave paintings to the internet…stopping

off at cuneiform tablets, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the gospels, to name

a very few ways of recording thoughts and ideas. One of my very favorite books

is “ Pharaoh Triumphant, the life and times of Ramesses II “ wherein everyday

happenings in his court are carefully recorded by a scribe. I also had the privilege

of having access to the below ground secured levels of the Vatican Library

where on one visit the Prefect casually opened a stainless drawer containing the

letters of ST. Paul to various groups. And I could easily go on but I’ll save the rest

for a conversation at a later date. And, oh yes, the grocery shopping list definitely

hits home. Barry

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Barry! Wow - those are definitely some amazing experiences you offer - I never thought of hieroglyphics as an example of writing=thinking. I suppose because of their antiquity I think of them more as art/ifacts. But yes, I can totally see how hieroglyphics functioned as a way to record, among other things, how to mummify people, which prior to writing it down would have been limited to oral passing down and training of the experienced elder. At any rate, thanks for the evocative examples. I appreciate your readership.

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